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2015 Tannat, The Palindrome, California

Aromas of black pepper, violet, black tea, pipe tobacco, graham cracker cacao, raspberry and herbs jump to the top of the glass followed by sultry flavors of black cherry, plum, rose petal, anise, cardamom with a balanced and smoky finish. And…Tannat is spelled the same forward and backward which is why I call this stunner, “The Palindrome.” It is very important that you know my favorite palindrome:
“Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog,” Check it out... Gohangasalamiimalasagnahog. YAAAAS!

$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
Vintage 2015
Wine Style Bold Red Wine
Varietal Tannat
Appellation California
Size 750 ml