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New Releases!

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New Release! We have big, badass Syrah aromas and flavors here! This Syrah is an homage to the way my Papa loved to make wine. Over the top in quality, and both viscous and gigantic in flavor and texture. Aromas of aged leather, bacon fat, blackberry, white pepper and a nuance of mint with flavors of blueberry, vanilla bean, sea salt and a pipe tobacco finish.
$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case
New Release! Aromas of dusty cocoa, black tea, blackberry, and milk chocolate jump from the glass followed by flavors of ripe cherry pie, pipe tobacco and a toasted marshmallow finish.
$30.00 | $18.00 per Bottle
$360.00 | $216.00 per Case
New Release! Ripe blueberry, strawberry, and sarsaparilla emphatically greet one’s nose, followed by rich flavors of ripe blackberry, dark chocolate, plum, playful coconut notes and a long sage and black cherry finish. Best enjoyed with a kind of funny Norwegian or Swedish joke. As my Dad always says, “Never underestimate the value of a little fun.”
$60.00 per Bottle
$720.00 per Case
New Release! This Cabernet is everything. Sensational pyrazine aromas of green bell pepper, jalapeño and kalamata olive greet one’s nose followed by intense flavors of blueberry, blackberry, black tea and a vanilla mocha finish. It’s hella good, and it was made with tons of East Bay Love!

Wine Enthusiast: 91 Points
$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case
New Release! I am extremely proud of this wine. These vines were planted in 1973, which is basically ancient as far as California Pinot Noir goes. This beautiful Pinot Noir was aged in oak for 18 months to fully integrate the fruit, oak and tannin profiles. The result is mature and exciting featuring aromas of brandied cherry, sarsaparilla, mushroom and hibiscus followed by flavors of raspberry, pomegranate, blood orange, cacao, plum and dried herbs. 
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
New Release! Guys, it’s back...Sun Dog Millionaire, aka, Sun One, aka, my dog who, whose likeness in on the Rock Hound label, is back! This rustic and appealing red blend was aged in French oak for three years to facilitate a beautiful velvet quality that develops when we are patient. Aromas of black tea, pipe tobacco, black cherry, anise, and sarsaparilla followed by flavors of blackberry, pink peppercorn, and raspberry. This wine has a great mouthfeel and lovely weight and viscosity in the midpalate that follows right through to the finish. My Sun One left us in 2015, but he will forever be in my heart and the spokes-hound for this wine. Love you Sun One.
$30.00 | $15.00 per Bottle
$360.00 | $180.00 per Case
New Release! This unmistakable Zinfandel is from two awesome Zinfandel vineyards located in the Dry Creek Valley AVA. Aromatic salutations of black raspberry, espresso, dried tobacco, cinnamon, and white pepper emerge from the glass accompanied by flavors of cherry pie, blackberry cobbler, lavender and a cacao finish.
$35.00 | $21.00 per Bottle
$420.00 | $252.00 per Case
New Release! Aromas of cherry pie, plum, pipe tobacco and sarsaparilla give way to flavors of s’mores, juicy blackberry, milk chocolate, white pepper and cola.

Wine Enthusiast: Editor's Choice 92 Points
$45.00 per Bottle
$540.00 per Case
New Release! A beautiful expression of this viticultural area, this wine exudes a sensuous minerality, beautiful spice, anise notes, plum, black currant, maple, and chocolate.

$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case
New Release! The 2016 is my favorite bottling from this vineyard, thus far. This stunning Napa Zinfandel exhibits aromas and flavors of freshly ground pink peppercorn, blackberry, blueberry, caramel, cigar box, forest floor, anise and minerality. This is by far the most masculine Zinfandel I make. I am here to coax the grapes into the wines they are meant to be, and the Hendry is always big, assertive and unapologetic.

Connoisseurs Guide to California: 90 Points
Wine Enthusiast: 91 Points Editor's Choice

$45.00 | $27.00 per Bottle
$540.00 | $324.00 per Case
New Release! I really like Cabernet Franc. Like, really, really. There is something so visceral about a wine that can transport me from wherever I am, to a memory of being in a baseball park and the smell of ball park nachos piled high with jalapeños. It is the nostalgic feeling of being 10-years-old with my Mom, Dad and sister at an A’s game, and cheering for Jose Canseco and Ricky Henderson. Every time I smell Cabernet Franc I am transported.

This uber savory wine smells like nachos piled high with jalapeños, cheese pizza with black olives and green bell peppers with notes of cranberry, blueberry and sage. I hope you love this wine as much as I do!
$40.00 | $24.00 per Bottle
$480.00 | $288.00 per Case
New release! For starters, Ciliegiolo is pronounced “chili-jolo.” We treated these grapes using carbonic maceration, which allows an intracellular fermentation and promotes fruit and perfume aromas without extracting tannin from the grape skins. This delicate, floral and fruity wine demanded to be represented as young, wild and free. Thus, we bottled it after only one month of aging to capture its exuberance. Aromas of black cherry, oolong tea, and petrichor give way to flavors of strawberry rhubarb and blackberry. Enjoy this wine at room temperature or slightly chilled.
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case