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New Release! This vineyard was planted in 1950 in Alexander Valley, which bears many similarities to Sangiovese’s homeland, in Tuscany. It is incredibly rare in California to find such old Sangiovese, so I am absolutely tickled to present this old-vine Sangiovese to you. Aromas of raspberry, sun dried flowers and thyme greet you nose followed by flavors of cherry, strawberry and sun dried tomato.
$30.00 per Bottle
$360.00 per Case
New Release! To drink a glass of St. Peter’s Church is to drink a history lesson in California wine; this vineyard is a viticultural antiquity, and we are truly blessed to make wine from it. Vintage to vintage this wine consistently smells like sugarplum. In addition, there are lovely notes of raspberry, briary black cherry, cinnamon, sarsaparilla, cedar, cherry vanilla milkshake, boysenberry (my dad’s favorite jam, btw) and freshly cracked pepper.
$55.00 per Bottle
$660.00 per Case