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The 2016 vintage is my Mom Kathy's favorite vintage of this wine! To Mama, Chardonnay is BAE, so that is quite a compliment. Aromas of French vanilla ice cream, pear eau de vie and apple pie are followed by floavers of Fuji apple, Asian pear, a hint of spiced eggnog and caramel.

Wine Enthusiast: 91 Points
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
The 2016 vintage of our Estate Chardonnay is a vibrant version of this wine with beautiful aromas of caramel and buttersctoch followed by juicy fruit flavors of mango, apple and angel food cake.

$40.00 | $24.00 per Bottle
$480.00 | $288.00 per Case
This crisp and focused Albariño was crafted to pay homage to the varietal bottlings form the old-world. The cold fermentation allowed us to pace the yeast and keep all the layers of fruit beautifully intact. Aromas of white peach, bergamot, lime pulp and honeysuckle with flavors of nectarine, lemongrass, orange pith, and that ubiquitous Albariño minerality.

2018 International Women's Wine Competition: Gold/93 Points
$20.00 | $12.00 per Bottle
$240.00 | $144.00 per Case
This Fiano leads with charming aromas of orange blossom, nectarine and peach flesh, banana chips, honey and white flowers followed by delightful flavors of tangerine, white peach, pineapple and macadamia nut, with a lemon meringue pie finish.
$20.00 | $12.00 per Bottle
$240.00 | $144.00 per Case
New Release! This wine is so tropical. It asserts sassy aromas and flavors of coconut cream pie, pink grapefruit, kaffir lime, honeydew melon, tangerine, Meyer lemon, and vanilla bean.
$25.00 | $15.00 per Bottle
$300.00 | $180.00 per Case
New Release! I love the integration of fruit, oak, acid and the layers of flavor in this wine. Grilled pineapple, incense, spiced pear, and French Vanilla aromas give way to bright flavors of ripe mango, Satsuma mandarin orange, and oaky nuances of angel food cake and dulce de leche. Only the best, for the best. Cheers Mama!

Wine Enthusiast: 93 Points
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case
This is the finest vintage of Sauvignon Blanc we have made from this awesome vineyard. I picked a pit earlier in 2017, and all the flavor profiles fell into place. Lake County is growing some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the great state of California. The Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque and Muscat Canelli are a finely tuned trio, each contributing important parts to this flavor profile. Peach, pear, guava and honeysuckle guide the aromatics followed by flavors of pineapple, boxwood, kiwi, passion fruit and a lengthy pink grapefruit finish.
$20.00 per Bottle
$240.00 per Case
New Release! This is the first vintage that I made the Brut from Pinot Blanc grapes. I continue to be intrigued by this varietal, and as a bubbly…it is perfect! This beauty has floral notes that blend elegantly with the notes of pineapple, cucumber, kiwi, nectarine, almond and lemon meringue.
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case
This lush wine boasts aromas and flavors of Georgia peach, floral honeysuckle, apricot, lychee, Mandarin orange and salted caramel cupcake.
$20.00 per Bottle
$240.00 per Case

Elegant, just like the elusive mermaid, this pretty Rosé smells like strawberrys, fresh squeezed lemonade, hibiscus flower and white pepper. Gorgeous flavors of blackberry, raspberry, peach, tangerine, Madagascar vanilla, and rose petal complete the experience.

$22.00 per Bottle
$198.00 per Case
New Release! This wine embodies the essence of the Malvasia Bianca grape. Aromas of ripe peaches, nectarines, guava, apricot and honeysuckle are followed by flavors that confirm the aromas. The mouthfeel of this wine is dope. It has a little bit of weight due to the skin contact, juxtaposed against the floral notes and bright acidity.
$35.00 | $21.00 per Bottle
$420.00 | $252.00 per Case