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This delectable wine exhibits blackberry liqueur, crème brûlée, coconut cream pie, black tea, orange zest and French vanilla. Patience truly pays off. 
$60.00 per Bottle
$720.00 per Case
This beautiful bottle is sure to impress! Delicious aromas of cherry cola, jalapeno and blueberry emphatically greet your nose followed by lovely flavors of Rainier cherry, milk chocolate, plum, black tea, pipe tobacco and a soft strawberry finish. Please note this is a 1.5 Liter bottle.
$160.00 per Bottle
$960.00 per Case
New Release! We have big, badass Syrah aromas and flavors here! This Syrah is an homage to the way my Papa loved to make wine. Over the top in quality, and both viscous and gigantic in flavor and texture. Aromas of aged leather, bacon fat, blackberry, white pepper and a nuance of mint with flavors of blueberry, vanilla bean, sea salt and a pipe tobacco finish.
$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case
This young Petite Sirah boasts aromas of pomegranate, blackberry, leather, violets and white pepper followed by flavors of blueberry, plum, chalky tannin and cacao notes.
$35.00 | $28.00 per Bottle
$420.00 | $336.00 per Case
OMG. Rosso di freaking awesome! Even though this blend is 2/3 Zinfandel, it has a truly authentic Italian Sangiovese aroma. The Sangiovese is tenacious and fights its way to be the star of the show…and the Zinfandel seems to be perfectly fine with that.This wine has a lovely tannin structure and a juicy mouthfeel. Aromas of tart black cherry, red plum, fig, thyme, tomato and leather followed by flavors of minerality, tobacco, strawberry, thyme, black truffle and dried rose petal. 
$40.00 | $32.00 per Bottle
$480.00 | $384.00 per Case

Aromas of black pepper, violet, black tea, pipe tobacco, graham cracker cacao, raspberry and herbs jump to the top of the glass followed by sultry flavors of black cherry, plum, rose petal, anise, cardamom with a balanced and smoky finish. And…Tannat is spelled the same forward and backward which is why I call this stunner, “The Palindrome.” It is very important that you know my favorite palindrome:
“Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog,” Check it out... Gohangasalamiimalasagnahog. YAAAAS!

$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
New Release! Aromas of dusty cocoa, black tea, blackberry, and milk chocolate jump from the glass followed by flavors of ripe cherry pie, pipe tobacco and a toasted marshmallow finish.
$30.00 | $24.00 per Bottle
$360.00 | $288.00 per Case
New Release! Rarely do I allow a wine to sit in so much new oak for such a long duration, but this wine kept getting more complex and sophisticated the longer it aged. Although Pearl Hart wasn’t sweet and nice, this Zinfandel smells like ripe cherry and spice. The wine from these 130-year-old "Ancient Vines” exhibits flavors of berry pie, pipe tobacco, saddle leather, blackberry, black tea, honey and a hint of cherry blossom. It is my pleasure to present to you the Pearl Hart Reserve Zin. She is a rare beauty, please enjoy!

Wine Enthusiast: 90 Points Editor's Choice
$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case
New Release! Ripe blueberry, strawberry, and sarsaparilla emphatically greet one’s nose, followed by rich flavors of ripe blackberry, dark chocolate, plum, playful coconut notes and a long sage and black cherry finish. Best enjoyed with a kind of funny Norwegian or Swedish joke. As my Dad always says, “Never underestimate the value of a little fun.”
$60.00 | $48.00 per Bottle
$720.00 | $576.00 per Case
The Baydeaux Blend is my homage to the incredible Cabernet based blends from left bank Bordeaux. This fine wine boasts nuances of dusty cocoa, violets, plum, cherry cola, anise, rose petal, jalapeño pyrazine notes and gravely minerality.
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case
New Release! This Cabernet is everything. Sensational pyrazine aromas of green bell pepper, jalapeño and kalamata olive greet one’s nose followed by intense flavors of blueberry, blackberry, black tea and a vanilla mocha finish. It’s hella good, and it was made with tons of East Bay Love!
$50.00 per Bottle
$600.00 per Case
The 2016 vintage of our Estate Chardonnay is a vibrant version of this wine with beautiful aromas of caramel and buttersctoch followed by juicy fruit flavors of mango, apple and angel food cake.
$40.00 | $32.00 per Bottle
$480.00 | $384.00 per Case