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New Release! This sexy wine boasts aromas of bright cherry, pipe tobacco, iron, and blueberry followed flavors of pomegranate, black tea, and plum. Soooo juicy!
$30.00 per Bottle
$360.00 per Case
A bright and elegant wine emerged from this co-fermentation. Aromas of cucumber melon, Barlett pear and lemon bar on the nose with followed by light flavors of peach, pink grapefruit and star fruit.
$18.00 per Bottle
$216.00 per Case
Ciliegiolo is pronounced "chili-jolo". This unique varietal is delicate, floral and fruity. We bottled it after only one month of aging to capture it's youthful exuberance. Aromas of black cherry, oolong tea and petrichor give way to flavors of strawberry rhubarb and blackberry. Enjoy this wine at room temperature or slightly chilled.
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
This Fiano leads with aromas of orange blossom, dried banana chips, honey and white flowers followed by delightful flavors of tangerine, white peach, pineapple and macadamia nut, with a lemon meringue pie finish.
$18.00 per Bottle
$216.00 per Case
This wine is so tropical. It asserts sassy aromas and flavors of coconut cream pie, pink grapefruit, kaffir lime, honeydew melon, tangerine, meyer lemon, and vanilla bean.
$25.00 per Bottle
$300.00 per Case
Smart and beautiful, just like my sister Kristen, this stunner boasts aromas of honeysuckle, frosted white cake, ripe pear and a hint of apricot, followed by lovely flavors of lemon meringue pie, pineapple, minerality and white peach.
$20.00 per Bottle
$240.00 per Case
This wine is fruity, floral and dry with a distinct mouth feel. Aromas of flowers, pineapple, guava, apricot, and Key lime give way to flavors of pear, mango, allspice, jasmine, and a lemon confit finish.
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
New Release! It would be tooting our own horn to say that these grapes are incredible (because we grow them), but they are. Gorgeous and consistent, this garnet colored Pinot Noir boasts pretty aromas of rose petal, clove, cinnamon and strawberry rhubarb with flavors of maple, black cherry, milk chocolate, vanilla milkshake and that sexy Russian River minerality.
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case
New Release! The Sauvignon Blanc (92%), Sauvignon Musque (6%) and Muscat Canelli (2%) in this wine are a finely tuned trio, each contributing important parts to the flavor profile. Peach, pear, guava and honeysuckle guide the aromatics followed by flavors of pineapple, boxwood, kiwi, passion fruit and a lengthy pink grapefruit finish.
$18.00 per Bottle
$216.00 per Case
This perfectly balanced sparkling wine truly showcases all the gorgeous fruit flavors from the Chardonnay (98%) and Muscat Canelli (2%). Aromas of honeysuckle flower, Asian pear and Granny Smith apple greet your nose, followed by refreshing flavors of honeydew melon, white peach and orange blossom. 

$22.00 per Bottle
$264.00 per Case
New Release! This sophisticated bubbly has aromas of cucumber, cantaloupe, tangerine and white pepper followed by dry and refreshing flavors of pumpkin spice, macadamia nut, freshly baked bread, and a lemon meringue finish.
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
Bright strawberry rhubarb pie notes lead the way to crisp flavors of raspberry, guava, watermelon followed by a lingering mineral finish.
$26.00 per Bottle
$312.00 per Case