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This wine is huge. It is a big, bold expression of what this vineyard can produce. We let it get a little riper than we normally would, knowing that the flavor profile would intensify with the brix level at which we picked. The result is pure wine candy. This beauty has aromas and flavors of ripe raspberry, honeycomb, milk chocolate, cacao, strawberry and beautiful spice from the oak. Cheers my friends. This vineyard is so special, and deserves all the love!
$55.00 per Bottle
$660.00 per Case
New Release! We love old school field blends like this! This particular one includes more esoteric grape varieties like Alicante Bouschet, Carignane, Tannat, Palomino, Peloursin, Dolcetto, Muscat Noir, and the list goes on. They all in influence this amazing Zinfandel that is grown on ancient vines planted in 1890. Juicy blackberry, pomegranate, nutmeg and honey guide the aromatics followed by flavors of berry pie, ripe plum, white pepper, raspberry and cappuccino.
$45.00 per Bottle
$540.00 per Case
New Release! The 2016 is my favorite bottling from this vineyard, thus far. This stunning Napa Zinfandel exhibits aromas and flavors of freshly ground pink peppercorn, blackberry, blueberry, caramel, cigar box, forest floor, anise and minerality. This is by far the most masculine Zinfandel I make. I am here to coax the grapes into the wines they are meant to be, and the Hendry is always big, assertive and unapologetic.
$45.00 per Bottle
$540.00 per Case
New Release! The bouquet has gorgeous notes of raspberry, jasmine, pencil graphite, and cherry vanilla cola followed by flavors of pomegranate, blackberry, black cherry, tobacco and white pepper. 
$40.00 per Bottle
$480.00 per Case
New Release! This crisp and focused Albariño was crafted to pay homage to the varietal bottlings form the old-world. The cold fermentation allowed us to pace the yeast and keep all the layers of fruit beautifully intact. Aromas of white peach, bergamot, lime pulp and honeysuckle with flavors of nectarine, lemongrass, orange pith, and that ubiquitous Albariño minerality.
$20.00 per Bottle
$240.00 per Case
New Release! This wine embodies the essence of the Malvasia Bianca grape. Aromas of ripe peaches, nectarines, guava, apricot, honeysuckle and a hint of petrol from the terpenes followed by flavors that confirm the aromas. The mouthfeel of this wine is dope. It has a little bit of weight due to the skin contact, juxtaposed against the floral notes and bright acidity. Basically-YUM- and I only made 93 cases…just sayin’.
$35.00 per Bottle
$420.00 per Case
New Release! Nebbiolo is an Italian varietal known for its acidic and tannic structure, all while being quite light in color. I became enamored with the hauntingly good wines of Barolo and Barbaresco and wanted to make a California Nebbiolo. This wine is everything. Aromas and flavors of rose petal, tar, cherry blossom, tea leaf and cranberry with a lingering finish.
$30.00 per Bottle
$360.00 per Case
New Release! This is the finest vintage of Sauvignon Blanc we have made from this awesome vineyard. I picked a pit earlier in 2017, and all the flavor profiles fell into place. Lake County is growing some of the best Sauvignon Blanc in the great state of California. The Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque and Muscat Canelli are a finely tuned trio, each contributing important parts to this flavor profile. Peach, pear, guava and honeysuckle guide the aromatics followed by flavors of pineapple, boxwood, kiwi, passion fruit and a lengthy pink grapefruit finish.
$20.00 | $16.00 per Bottle
$240.00 | $192.00 per Case
New Release! The 2017 vintage of Sparkling Rosé is very exciting. Not only does it don our pretty new packaging, but this blend of grapes gave me the exact bouquet, flavor and mouthfeel I wanted in this bubbly. Aglianico is an unusual grape to put into sparkling wine, but when I tasted the grapes, I knew it would make stunning rosé, and give me the carnation pink color I wanted. Reminiscent of Champagne, this rosé spent 10 months “en tirage” and boasts aromas and flavors of strawberry, brioche, subtle notes of blackberry, pomegranate, watermelon, and raspberry.
$26.00 | $20.80 per Bottle
$312.00 | $249.60 per Case
New Release! In-house we affectionately refer to this wine as the Super A. This wine is super pleasant and easy to drink. This could be a good “gateway wine” for your friends that only drink craft beer or cocktails. It’s way tasty, and it is comprised of many fancy varieties that are fun to say with your best Italian accent. Gorgeous aromas and flavors of red cherry, black cherry, Roma tomato, strawberry, caramel, pipe tobacco and black tea.
$28.00 | $22.40 per Bottle
$336.00 | $268.80 per Case
New Release! “Uncle Roget’s Rosé” is named after my Uncle Roger who adores Provençal style Rosé. Everyone calls him Uncle Rog or Uncle Roget, (pronounced Rozjay). This one is for you Uncle Rog! Aromas of strawberry, minerality and tamarind jump from the glass followed by flavors of bright grapefruit and blood orange with a rose petal finish.followed by flavors of bright grapefruit and blood orange with a rose petal finish.
$20.00 | $16.00 per Bottle
$240.00 | $192.00 per Case
New Release! The 2017 is the best vintage of Viognier I have made. With this particular vineyard site and variety, it requires a bit more ripeness to express varietal and terroir characteristics. This lush wine boasts aromas and flavors of Georgia peach, floral honeysuckle, apricot, lychee, Mandarin orange and salted caramel cupcake
$20.00 | $16.00 per Bottle
$240.00 | $192.00 per Case